3 Truths About Wealth That I Never Fully Considered Until Now

Donnabeth Aniban
3 min readMay 12, 2023
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I am good at finding income-generating opportunities. Within the past three years, I started a neighborhood retail store, created an online shop in Shopee, sold more than 1 thousand items through the Facebook marketplace, and joined affiliate programs. Yet I have little to show for it.

This year I decided to be more proactive about my finances so I binged on materials about building wealth. They are telling me the same thing — I may have a strong offense, but my defense is poor. In building wealth, both need attention. Having a poor financial defense is like pouring into a bucket with a hole. Even if I pour non-stop, my wealth bucket will never be full unless I patch up the hole.

I’m keeping in mind these three to keep up with my financial defense.

1. Financial wealth is what we don’t spend.

The wealthiest is not the one who spends the most but the one who keeps the most. The wealthiest are not always those who earn the most. Even those who earn millions can end up bankrupt if they don’t control their spending. Mike Tyson, 50 Cent, and Nicolas Cage are three examples of millionaires who went bankrupt because of overspending.

Despite my different streams of income, I am not wealthy because I spend all of what I earn. Pay yourself first, I read and heard this many times yet I never really put it into action. Paying ourselves first is the only way for us not to spend it all. Because the world of commerce will never run out of new products, services, and experiences to sell us.

2. Wealth is what others don’t see.

Others won’t see your investments. Others won’t see your insurance. They won’t see your money in the bank. They see fine clothes. They see the latest gadgets. They see a new car. But what they see won’t make you wealthy.

The goal is not to look rich. The goal is to be wealthy.

3. Income-Ego= Savings

It will be hard to get wealthy if we don’t put our ego aside. Spending on things we can’t really afford inflates our ego and deflates our wealth. The less space we give our ego, the more space we give for our savings.

Spending less is hard. There are so many factors that contribute to how we spend. But we have to control it if we want to gain financial freedom. Keeping these three sentences in mind is a good start.

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