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Mom since 2011. Filipino. Former nurse and teacher. Writer and entrepreneur atm. I write mostly about freelancing, education, productivity, and motherhood
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1. Say no.

When you don’t know where to start, start here.

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1. Write about what you know.

You have unique experiences that…

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Parenting a well-rounded child doesn’t begin when you give birth; it starts even before conception.

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Do the following to establish a good foundation for your baby even before its birth.

1. Consume a well-rounded diet.

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1. Read all the English materials you can get your hands on.

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Several unsuccessful attempts at applying online? Read this before returning to job hunting.

1. You comment “I’m interested” on a job posting.

2. You don’t read the entire job posting.

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100 Ideas to Spark Your Muse

Write about:

  1. The first time you remember crying
  2. The last time you cried
  3. A funny incident at school
  4. A lesson from your 1st-grade teacher
  5. A lesson from the youngest teacher you have
  6. What you love most about your grandmother
  7. What you love most about your grandfather
  8. What you miss most when you were young
  9. An improvement in your home town
  10. What you fear most
  11. A fear…

Donnabeth Aniban

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