Blank Page


Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Staring at a blank page.
I don’t want to write.
I look at my 24 drafts.
I don’t want to finish any of it.

I go back to the blank page.
I write how I feel.
I feel lazy.
I don’t want to think deeply.

My mind feels empty.
My body feels weird.
But I’m writing this because I don’t want to be comfortable stopping.
This is my push, it’s weak and slow.

Yet I’m pushing and that’s good enough.
One day I’ll write something more meaningful.
But for now, let me just write.
At least it’s not blank anymore, I finished something.



Donnabeth Aniban

Mom since 2011. Filipino. Former nurse and teacher. Writer and entrepreneur atm. I write mostly about life, business, health, productivity, and motherhood.