Realizations After An Intensity 7 Destructive Earthquake Hit Our Region

Donnabeth Aniban
4 min readJul 28, 2022
Collapsed Building Under Construction in La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines, Photo Courtesy of Baguio Midland Courier

Aaron, a 28-year-old died on the spot because the construction site he was working in collapsed. The site was in the same town where I live. At least four more casualties were reported in the entire region.

It was 8:43 on a Wednesday morning when the quake happened. I was in our store listing items that needed to be purchased. Then the ground started moving. It was only a few seconds but waiting for the shaking to stop felt like hours.

Life is fleeting.

We take our lives for granted most of the time. We take our mortality easily until something shakes us to our core. This time, the shaking is literal.

We see people in the news as just “people in the news”. Until the people in the news become someone in our town, someone we know, someone close to us. Until the people in the news become us.

Life is short. Cliche, yes. But it’s worth repeating, even when the ground is calm.

I am not prepared for an earthquake.

Okay. Maybe no one is. But some are more prepared than others. I am not prepared at all. During the earthquake, I was standing next to an unstable cabinet. There was a table in front of me but I didn’t think about finding refuge under it. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to since the space under the table was filled with stuff.

After the shaking stopped, I went out, correct. However, I stood between two buildings and I was near an electric post, wrong.

The store is on the ground floor of our house. My two daughters were on the third floor with my dad. I battled myself if I should go upstairs to see them. I didn’t, correct. Using the stairs during an earthquake is dangerous.

When I was able to check on them, I asked them what they did. It turns out, that my 5-year-old moved wiser than her mom. She placed her piggy pillow over her head and moved away from the kitchen.

The government could be more prepared.

I applaud the officials for being quick to respond. Victims were immediately rescued or retrieved, work was quickly suspended, and help was given fast. However…



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