50 of the Best Productivity Tips I Learned in 50 Short Sentences

Donnabeth Aniban
2 min readMay 18, 2022
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Let’s dive right in!

  1. Create more than you consume.
  2. Delete all social media apps on your phone ( unless you need them for work).
  3. Do one thing at a time.
  4. Do the hardest task first.
  5. Don’t eat heavy lunch.
  6. Time yourself when working.
  7. Pay bills online.
  8. Stop watching television.
  9. Walk.
  10. Prepare things you need that day the night before.
  11. Own less.
  12. Keep your table neat and organized.
  13. Don’t stop learning.
  14. Address your emotions.
  15. Stay away from energy-sucking people and activities.
  16. Connect or collaborate with productive people.
  17. Eliminate temptation instead of fighting it.
  18. Delegate.
  19. Ignore everything that doesn’t add value to your life.
  20. Make essentials visible.
  21. Keep bad habits invisible.
  22. Ask for help.
  23. Use apps that make your work easier.
  24. Procrastinate with purpose.
  25. Keep your digital and physical space free from clutter.
  26. Always be on time.
  27. Create work systems.
  28. Take advantage of inspiration when it hits you.
  29. Focus on the process, not on the results.
  30. Done is better than perfect, don’t let perfection freeze you.
  31. Start small.
  32. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  33. Don’t dwell on the past.
  34. Don’t be discouraged by negative feedback.
  35. Don’t let positive feedback get in your head.
  36. Learn from your mistakes.
  37. Give yourself deadlines.
  38. Train yourself to say no to most things without guilt.
  39. Schedule meaningful rest.
  40. Have enough sleep.



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